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SafeGard Medical factory in Hungary

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our manufacturing facilities in Hungary

SafeGard Medical is established as a key player in the supply of a range of innovative and unique safety medical products to the healthcare industry.


Products are manufactured in accordance with the appropriate standards and where applicable are CE marked in accordance with Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.


Products manufactured by SafeGard are subject to Risk Analysis procedure as described in the standard EN1441:1998 (MDD 93/42/EEC Annex I)

The aim of the risk analysis is to investigate the safety of a medical device by identifying the hazards and estimating the risks associated with the device.


SafeGard Medical has a team of high calibre staff dedicated to promote our products, and deliver pre and post sales training and support.

SafeGard provides a comprehensive and excellent in service program tailored to the specific requirements of the users of SafeGard products.


As an organisation we recognise the importance of providing quality support to the unique products in our portfolio. We offer a range of services:

Clinical Services Clinical Services
Educational Services Educational Services
Technical Support Technical Support
Information Services Information Services

A Clinical Support Manager will be assigned to the customer to ensure that the users achieve the maximum benefit from the selected products. It will be the responsibility of the Specialist to;

provide product education for staff on an ongoing basis provide product education for staff on an ongoing basis
advise on new product selection advise on new product selection
introduce new products introduce new products
monitor product effectiveness monitor product effectiveness
provide information on product cost effectiveness provide information on product cost effectiveness

We tailor our in service training to meet your personal needs, facilitated through:

visual aids visual aids
one to one demonstration one to one demonstration
personal instruction manuals personal instruction manuals
study days study days

Specialising in Safety Solutions™