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SecureGard Technical Information
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Product Description

SecureGardฎ Retractable Safety Syringe


The SecureGardฎ Retractable Safety Syringe is single-use, sterile, disposable hypodermic syringe with needle alongside or attached which is intended for dispensing/administering fluids in medical practice.

The key safety feature, where the clinician retracts the hypodermic needle by manually locking the plunger onto the needle hub, withdrawing the plunger, pulling the needle into the barrel and breaking the plunger, virtually eliminates the accidental clinical reuse of the syringe and accidental needle stick injuries.


The syringe is presently manufactured in 1.0, 2.5, 3.0 and 5ml capacities. The table below illustrates the availability of syringe/needle combinations ‘off the shelf’.

Syringe Capacity 1.0ml 2.5ml 3.0ml 5.0ml
Needle Size Hub Colour A B A B A B A B
27G by ½ inch Grey • • • • • • • •
25G by 5/8 inch Orange • • • • • • • •
23G by 1 inch Blue • • • • • • • •
23G by 1 ¼ inch Blue • • • • • • • •
22G by 1 ¼ inch Black • • • • • • • •
21G by 1 ½ inch Green • • • • • • • •

(A - Needle Alongside B - Needle Attached)

The SecureGard® Insulin Syringe is - 1ml 27G x 1/2" with 100 unit graduations in RED

All Packing Quantities for SecureGard® are:

Quantities per Box - 100 pieces
Quantities per Case - 1000 pieces

Allergy Packs

1ml 27G x 1/2" - 25 pieces per trays, 4 trays per Box, 1000 pieces per case.


Barrel Medical Grade Polypropylene Borealis
Plunger Medical Grade Polypropylene Borealis
Grommet Medical Grade Santoprene AES
Inner Hub Medical Grade POM Ticona
Outer Hub Medical Grade Polypropylene * Borealis
Needle 304 grade Stainless Steel
Sheath Medical Grade Polypropylene Borealis

All products are Latex free.
(* coloured with colour masterbatch from Clariant manufactured from FDA approved materials)

Dead Space

Syringe and Needles Size Before the plunger is engaged After the plunger is engaged
1ml 25G X 5/8” 0.051ml 0.015ml
1ml 27G X ½ ” 0.044ml 0.011ml
2.5ml 23G X 1 ¼” 0.122ml 0.026ml
2.5ml 25G X 5/8” 0.127ml 0.035ml
3ml 23G X 1 ¼” 0.138ml 0.033ml
3ml 25G X 5/8” 0.119ml 0.025ml
5ml 21G X 1 ½" 0.282ml 0.043ml
5ml 23G X 1 ¼” 0.288ml 0.039ml


Blister Laminated polypropylene/polyethylene film
Paper Royal Medical G 60gsm
Dispensing Carton Corrugated cardboard
Shipping Carton Corrugated cardboard

Securegard® products are bio-compatible and sterilised by using a validated ETO gas sterilisation process. Syringes are meet the ISO 7886-1 Standard requirements, except the Luer-connection, and also meet the MDD 93/42 EEC requirements.
SecureGardจ is the One
Specialising in Safety Solutions™