Safety Syringe

SecureGard® syringes are easy to use and help minimise the risk of inadvertent needlestick injury.

Advantages of choosing SecureGard retractable needles

  • Low dead space (LDS) – reduce drug wastage
  • No change in technique, requires minimal training
  • Manual one-handed retraction
  • Low cost solution
  • Latex free
  • Breakaway plunger
  • Available in 1ml, 3ml and 5ml capacity
6 Steps for safe injections with SecureGard

Open at peel.

Remove protective needle cover and use standard technique to draw up medication.

Expel air into the vial if necessary, ensuring the plunger is not depressed beyond the first graduation mark on the syringe.

Inject the medication by fully depressing the plunger.

Draw back plunger to retract the needle safely into the barrel of the syringe.

Break off the plunger at the break point and dispose.

DisGard™ Sharps Pad

DisGard™ is a robust, clear plastic hinged wallet with an adhesive pad that allows the safe collection and disposal of used blades, suture needles and other sharps during clinical procedures.

  • Stays firmly in place at clinical site thanks to its adhesive backing – suitable for all environments from ER to Ambulances
  • Clear design provides full visual control
  • Resistant to needle or blade puncture
  • Retains fluids once closed
  • Low cost solution
  • Provided enhanced audit and control procedures
  • Fully sterile, single use
5 Steps for DisGard™ sharps pad

Secure Disgard by removing the small patch on the base to reveal an adhesive pad.

Remove the paper strip covering to reveal a yellow foam pad with an adhesive surface.

Place any discarded sharps onto the yellow foam area of the pad using the appropriate instrument.

When the procedure is complete, fold the lid over at the hinge and seal.

Dispose of the complete unit in the nearest sharps bin provided.